Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Monday's comics queer themselves!

Ha ha! You tell 'em, Shoe! All the best men out there are gay! I haven't heard that one before!

Shoe'd be on the cutting edge of comedy if this comic were printed in, I don't know, 1980. But in 2007? Still with the gays are the perfect lovers for straight women? Sheesh. I think that when a joke's been a full episode of Seinfeld, was turned into an entire character on SNL, and was turned into a successful prime time show, it's time to stick a fork in it and call it done.

I do find it charming that dating services in the comics are always a woman at a desk, instead of a website, which would be a little more realistic. Even if it's explicitly a "computer dating service", there's still a woman to visit at a desk somewhere. I'm guessing that comics artists everywhere gave up at love fifteen years ago.

But I'll help out Shoe here with the queer culture. There isn't, nor has there ever been, to my knowledge, a gay male dating service that involved going and visiting someone at a desk. There are online dating services that have replaced the bar scene for a lot of people, but we just don't go to real-live dating services.

Unless "Gays-R-Us" is actually referring to a bathhouse. At least that'd explain the look of horror on Roz's face as she imagines the cabal of the wild anal sex happening just next door to her now, perhaps even on the same tree as her diner.

Call him a heel all you want, ladies, it looks like he just came back from bonin' Patroclus, and you're not going to bring him down from that high.


mrpatduke said...

Speaking as an old guy, I might point out that there were "Computer dating services" before PCs were common. They were places where you physically went, and filled out a punch card, and a computer matched you up with someone whose punches aligned well with yours. These were common joke fodder for late 70s/early 80s sitcoms like Three's Company and such.

All this joke does is really, really show the cartoonist's age. And lack of contemporary awareness.

Alex Blaze said...

Ah, ok, now I get it. I assumed a computer dating service was the same as an online one.

So I guess it was the late 70's when Tom II gave love its last shot?