Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Qomics for Everybody but Me Edition

Even though there are occasionally actual queer references in the comics, I still feel like there's a comic for everyone out there in the world but me! Here are a few examples of all the cool groups of people for whom there are comics:

There are comics for anarchists:

Comics for people who haven't heard of primary elections:

Comics for the obsessive-compulsive:

Comics for people who find Peter Parker sexy:

Comics for 5-year-olds (haha, poop is funny!):

Comics for PETA propagandists:

Comics for demon-possessed dog owners:

Comics for people who have followed Blondie long enough to notice every detail of Dagwood's outfit:

Comics for people who enjoy road-head:

And, finally, comics for horrid human/beast mutants who were never meant to be:


OK, and I have two others. First, Rex Morgan, M.D.:

Yeah, why didn't he? I mean, she's a woman, answering the door and showing her face to who knows what men, and he's off thinking that his new bride is safe in the cabin. Doesn't she know her place?

But all this talk of newlyweds spending an entire week alone in a cabin has one thing on Niki's mind, as he looks right at it in panel three. Sit tight, there, Niki! Soon Rex'll get you to that cabin!

And BC:

OK, here we have a dating service with a woman behind a desk in its proper context: 20,000 years in the past. No, wait, I mean 5-6000! Sorry, BC, I forgot that the world is no more than 6000-years-old!

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James J. Matthews said...

Thurston sounds like a Hillary Clinton supporter.