Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wednesday comics

"The Amazon site"? That's another one of those phrases that no one in real life would ever say and yet somehow made it into the comics. Saying "amazon dot com" is what people actually say, the way the site is advertised, and the way people who use webpages for purchases actually refer to those webpages.

I'm going to venture a guess here and say that Amazon just didn't want any Crankshaft readers on their site. I'd say bad things about those people, but that demographic includes me.

Otherwise, Ruff, I'd have to kill you.

One day you'll learn, Jeffy, that pretty bois don't have to be smart.


James J. Matthews said...

Myself, I sometimes say "Amazon com." And many people just say "Amazon."

GeoX said...

I think the deal is that it has to be "the amazon site" because if it had been phrased any other way, there's no way that anyone could mistake it for an actual, physical site in the vicinity of the actual, physical Amazon. Which in many ways makes the so-called joke even dumber.

James J. Matthews said...

They were afraid that someone would read the comic and decide to go off to the Amazon, and they'd get sued.