Sunday, November 25, 2007

11/9 comics

One of the main reasons excuses for not posting for a couple of weeks has been that I can't think of a good snark for this comic. (I know, lame excuse, isn't it?) I mean, there's obviously a queer subtext here, and it's BB, but I'm thinking I'm just out of jokes about BB. Beetle and Sarge are in a closeted relationship. It's not really that much fun to point it out anymore because it's just so obvious to anyone who reads it.

Maybe there's an anal sex joke here, something about Beetle needing a "time out" and the reason he's running away in panel two....

Haha, Archie's creators don't have any idea how hybrid cars work.

That's the joke, right?

Mary's look askance in panel three says it all: Er, yeah, all creature are deserving of compassion. What sort of hippie world is this doctor living in that would deny me my right to run over whatever's in my way?

Is Mary at all worried that this dog is probably someone else's? Wait, don't tell me, since you all are way ahead in Mary Worth reading - the real owner wants his or her dog back, and Mary's not willing to part.

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