Monday, November 5, 2007

Saturday's soaps

I know what that smirk on Sophie's face in panel two means: I'm gonna get trashed.

I went to college in a really wine-y area, the Walla Walla River valley in Washington state. I got to know a few of the wine folk, and I found out that all the bouquets and grapes and degrees in viticulture and history and culture was all an elaboration on a fundamental urge to get drunk. The fact that most of the JP action has occurred while imbibing in the alcohol is absolutely no surprise, and a pretty good way to stay culturally relevant on the creators' part.

What I don't get is how Sam's insanely sexy sexiness saved the day. Seriously, I don't think Rusty was that drunk.

Go Ms. Bowlcut/Mullet in panel three! She can defy gravity while cheering with her terrible hairstyle! Greatest Gil Thorp cheerleader ever!

It's like a dirty Zen Koan: What she a trick or a treat? Yes! Is your goodie bag empty or full? Yes!

A really, really dirty one. I can't believe this can be printed in papers. Is his "goodie bag" empty? Was Toni a trick?

Oh, my. Oh, my, indeed.

"Still alive! Even after I tried to strangle it with my right arm!"

Look at how that dog's trying to get away in panel two. "Put me down! I'm not dying, I was just sleeping! I don't want to wear a cravat!"

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