Sunday, November 4, 2007

Friday's comics

Daddy Keane's looking at us like, "Haha, isn't this kid just dumb?"

This comic's a lot funnier if you imagine Bil and Jeff Keane as a couple of kid haters using their forum to perpetuate stereotypes about kids' stupidity by making the Keane kids incredibly dumb. It becomes ironic that way, and I love irony.

But all edginess goes away when you realize that it's an election day joke on an odd year. Sure, some local governments have elections this year, but most states don't. Unless "early November" means election jokes in Keane-land, whether we like it or not.

I really want to know what happened between panels two and three. In panel two, the team just finds out about the vandalism. In panel three, they're being lectured not to vandalize by Coach Thorp. It's almost like a whole wacky story about how the team went off and spray painted penises all over their bus, only to be caught because they chose to do it in broad daylight, was cut out because those self-righteous censors at Tribune Media Services just didn't get how edgy the genius of GT writer Neal Rubin is.


More likely, Coach Thorp was passing through the locker room at the exact time that they were talking about getting even. Although "strike back" could just as well mean beat them in the next ballroom dancing competition, challenging them to a surf-off, or just going to fuck them up.

Or dehydrated. Since it's shrinking away right before your eyes, Mary.

This Moment in Misogyny was brought to you by PBS creator Stephan Pastis's girlfriend dumping him. We now return you to this week's storyline about lions not getting frozen zebras, already in progress.

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