Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Apartment 3-G inferno!

OK, I said I'd let it go, but I am catching up on a few of my favorite comics. Like A3G.

From 7/21:

Wouldn't it be really funny if Dr. Kelly's first name was actually "Nathan" or something? And he was just turned on by Tommie calling him "Joe"? And his whole purpose in life was to creep out/make smile boring nurses with his strange fetishes?

Wouldn't you have a new-found respect for A3G if there were a character like that? I know I would.

From 7/25:

Ah! Blaze's silly hat is back!

And "It's good to see" his sister. And she wants to go into the kitchen for *ahem* LuAnn and Alan's privacy. And he's grabbing her "ass".... Oh, wait, that's not said, it's shown.

Either way, I learned from this day's A3G that cowboy hat and Southern accent always mean incest.


Or maybe I'm too stupid! Boo hoo!


Margo Magee: Still the greatest comics character. Ever.

One cool thing about reading one comic sequentially instead of all the comics of a certain day is that you notice the time between the strips better. Consider these two from 8/2 and 3:

The last panel of 8/2 shows that Margo is "putting the moves" on Eric, whatever those moves would be (try to unthink that!). Then in panel one of 8/3, it's over as soon as it began, with Eric falling asleep during sex, and Margo's hair's not even ruffled.

We've all already read the next day's, but how many of you when you saw panel three there were really hoping it was opium she found?

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