Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Beetle Bailey Inferno!

OK, and I'll catch up on BB. I mean, this comic is my bread and butter on this site.


The expression on Ms. Blips's face in panel two just makes this whole comic for me. It's like the two are walking along, total lipstick/butch couple, and they want to play football, of course, but Miss Buxley doesn't want anyone copping a feel (that isn't evidence of her being a lesbian, just evidence of her being familiar with Camp Swampy), and Ms. Blips is just thinking Yeah, eat it, boys! But we'll be playing touch football later tonight, where she's the coach, and I'm the rookie who's out of line....

Killer, though, is completely shocked. What? Women weren't just created for consumption by men? Am I in the right comic?


Is it just me, or do Beetle and Sarge seem like a total pair of dads here? Too cute!!!


OK, I have no idea why Miss Buxley is at home almost naked when she calls the General instead of in G-rated-safe-for-the-children pajamas here. Unless she's lying about the repairman and she's just getting back to bed with a certain fellow secretary....


Moral of the story: Don't withhold sex from your Commanding Officer.

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Alkibiades said...

7/25 BB: That would explain the dildo she's got tucked in her pocket...

So glad you're back!!