Sunday, July 1, 2007

One liners from last Monday!

This Mark Trail makes me wonder just what sort of "pleasure" one would raise game birds for.

Doctor: It's time we had a talk.... about your cravats. Dude, Blaze, you dress like a moron.

It's nice to know that Clambake cares so much about Ken to dislocate his shoulder to put his arm around him.



James J. Matthews said...

Blaze Powers--there's a porn star name for you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, he does dress like a moron...too bad the doctor sould feel it takes a man with a medical degree to finally tell him that.

James J. Matthews said...

The revelation about Clambake reminds me of a PEANUTS episode when Snoopy was going through his figure-skating phase.

Lucy: "I'll bet you never skated with Peggy Fleming.... I doubt you ever skated with Sonja Henie either. It was all in your imagination!"

Snoopy's thought balloon: "I saw Bobby Hull on TV once."