Sunday, July 1, 2007

Last Sunday's Mary Worth

Panel by panel:
  1. The good doctor is glad that his son hasn't just followed in his career footsteps, but that he also loves a good pool-party-throwing woman just like his old man does.
  2. A arrowless speech bubble indicates that the narrator has sexual interest in the good doctor.
  3. Dr. Jeff does not in fact wish he could go to the pool party, considering how much time he's currently wasting talking to people instead of fundraising, and is in fact trying to escape Mary, but his disability slows him down.
  4. Mary is willing to accept any Cory she can get.
  5. The lights dim and a spotlight shines on Mary for her dramatic soliloquy, but all that comes out is her same old nattering.
  6. Mary, drunk on her power over Vera Shields, will try to make her hook up with the young Cory.
  7. Dr. Jeff dreams of the days when he would have gone out there and banged the young Vera himself.
  8. A bumblebee makes a comment that could equally apply to the current Mary/Jeff discussion or a flower.

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