Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I'm back!!!!!

I've been gone for a while, yes, and it's been mostly because of Bilerico (and real work!). As someone pointed out in that comment thread of the previous post, I posted a bunch of articles there last week, and we're really trying to maintain 10 long-form posts a day over there and 15 total posts a day (it doesn't always work out). It can be hectic when the other 32 contributors all up and decide that there's nothing worth posting about for a certain day and I pick up the slack.

And it's also hard learning how to promote that site and do the back-end stuff over there. It's exciting because I just got press credentials for one of our contributors to live-blog from the presidential debate this Thursday, and I've been soliciting guest posts from really cool people who I'm humbled will even reply to my emails, and I've been working with way-smart writers who've really impacted my life to get them web 2.0 enabled.

And then there's the copy-editing, Lord, the copy-editing. Let me tell you all, just because someone's been on the NY Times best-seller list or ran a multi-million dollar-budgeted advocacy group or has a PhD or a JD doesn't mean that he/she/ze knows how to use a comma or will proofread a post or will check that all the links go to real webpages.

Anyway, it was all that work and then it all snow-balled out of control. I was tied to the idea that I had to "catch up", which I'd really love to do if I had time. But I don't. So I'm going to give myself a break since I actually really, really, really love this blog, and I really, really, really love you all reading it and having fun and leaving comments (especially the nice, concerned ones on the last post!).

I haven't even had time to read the comics from the previous two weeks, and I love reading the comics. But I'm going to re-double my commitment to this blog and make sure that a hiatus like this one doesn't happen again, at least without an explanation from me.

But I'm going to guess that Vera's still rejecting the young doctor. I'm going to go read now to find out!

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James J. Matthews said...

I really, really, really love reading your blog too.