Friday, November 2, 2007

Last Thursday's comics

I know that you're all about a week ahead of me in the comics, but I'm going to guess that Niki falls into the cold water, Rex jumps in and saves him, Rex comforts him through his Katrina flashback, Rex suggests they take off their clothes to avoid hypothermia and since he's a doctor....

So, question: who does it reflect more poorly on that my mind is going there when I read this RMMD, me or whoever writes it?

I have to admit, I found this Family Circus funny. Probably because I'm already used to the humor in Zippy the Pinhead, since this little circle has a whole lot of absurdism in it.

Jeffy here obviously knows what he's doing - he's going to menace his family with some drum banging whether they like it or not. He throws in a little diva comment just for some extra flair, like one would toss a pink feather boa over his shoulder, to let them know that he knows how ridiculous he's being. And he just doesn't care because he's going to bang on that drum. The real-life Keanes' now regular inattention to detail has been broken by that equally ridiculous-looking snare drum. That's twice the size of a Keane kid's head! That's huge!

The best part is the parents exchanging glances - they know that now they can bang away all they want in their room and little Jeffy won't hear - and showing just how mundane Jeffy's diva-ness has become and how incredibly apathetic they are to his desperate attempt to get attention.

Jeffy will make the best drag queen when he grows up!

Haw haw, Ziggy's going to die a poor old man who has to collect cans to get money for his medications or food, his forced choice. Oh, this Ziggy's a killer!

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Andrea said...

It's just the way Rex Morgan the strip is. It's pederast-tastic. (I often wonder what they're up to at RMMD central, then decide I don't want to know.)