Friday, November 2, 2007

Garfield and Weblog Awards

I was just checking out the free French daily Metro in the train this week, and I noticed that they have only one comic in it. Guess which one it is?

That's right - they pick one comic, and it just happens to be the one that's so bad that I'll never insult it on this site. I mean, it's just too easy and would just come across as mean, I think, if I picked on the most hackneyed comic in the funny pages. At least Momma is edgy. At least Momma tries.

Roughly translated, Jon says in panel one, "It's in the refrigerator." In panel two, he says, "It ought to be ready in about two hours," and Garfield thought bubbles, "Two hours?!" The punchline is: "Do you know how long two hours is in the life of a cake?"

Ummmm, yeah.

Poor French people, only getting Garfield. I was kind of hoping to read Mary Worth in French. They'd love her over here.

In another meta thing, my other blog is a finalist in the 2007 Weblog Awards for best LGBT blog. I'm not above begging for votes over here :). Click here and vote for "The Bilerico Project". Bookmark that page and vote daily all this week! We've truly had an impressive year and have signed on some big-name contributors there, and this would, you know, really make me happy. Plus we're neck-and-neck right now against the biggest Gay Republican blog on the internet, and I won't lost to them!

And I'm thinking that if you've put up with all my delays in getting back into a regular groove here, then you love me enough to help me and the other Bilerico'ers win. :)

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