Sunday, November 4, 2007

Monday's comics

New Country Rd.! That's my favorite road, you know, in the country. That's a pretty conveniently uncreative name.

Well, we've seen the Vera/Von drama resolved. And her relationship to the Doctor Corey is over. As the plot's noisy gears shift to a new storyline, are we going to see the end of Vera here? Is her power walk going to remind her of the days that she power walked the Tuscan countryside, sending her back to rich girl land? Or will she go somewhere to think and think about the fact that she's living Charterstone with a big wad of cash and move away? Or will she just get hit by a bus? OMG, that's Toby, not Vera. They all look the same to me. I was going to make a joke about how that's a particularly ugly angle on Vera, but I'm glad I didn't now. That would have been, y'know, embarrassing.

Rose is Rose is one of the comics that I used to read when I was really young, stopped when my paper dropped it, and then started up again just now as I had to reset my personalized comics page over at It's gotten a lot sweeter than it used to be, what with everyone smiling hugely in every drawing now. I mean, it's like Hehehe, I'm so happy! That cat wanted to tear out my innards and leave me on the doorstep for the humans to find, but I was able to hide inside this pumpkin instead! I hope I'll live through tomorrow, tehehe!

Oh, Bitsy, the internets' best purveyor of anti-miscegenation propaganda. As a fellow blogger, or Bitsy's target audience, he needs a few animated waving American flags in GIF format, a flow-chart of how the Bulldles plan on destroying American culture by displacing purebreeds, and a whole bunch more WORDS WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS.

But I'm not just offended by this comic as a blogger, I'm also offended as a Saint Bernard/beagle mix owner. And he's way cute!

I'm sure Beetle's already used to this very bizarre malady from Sarge. "Dude, I said watch the teeth. Ow! OK, you know, just stop. just stop, Sarge."

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