Sunday, November 25, 2007

11/14 comics

Far be it for me to proofread a comic (then again, I'm already queering them, translating them, and teaching them how to canoe), but as someone who's dabbled in the freelance copy editing in the past and who edits all sorts of writing for cool gay blog, I just can't over look that your/you're mistake in panel one. You'd be surprised what intelligent and creative writers make that mistake.

Of course, United Features Media should have someone on top of that. I'm guessing that Rose is Rose is so diabeticly sweet that s/he can't even stand to read the text to find errors in several dozen words, and neither can the writer.

I'll ignore the big ol' period after "find" as just an unfortunate blotch on the paper (post-Photoshop there's really no excuse, but, *sigh*), and focus instead on the recipe... what exactly is this Plugger reading? Polenta, orzo, tahini, and jicama? That sounds less "coastal, librul, big-city, Kerry-votin', gay-marryin', war-protestin' froo-froo food" and more "things mixed together like condiments at a junior high school cafeteria and then people are dared to eat." Gross.

"He's taking all the line"? "Keep the pressure on"? "Rod tip up"? "He's huge"?

This is intentional at this point, right? Or did RMMD writer Woody Wilson has been spending too much time on the Nifty. (Link NSFW)


The Prettiest said...

It has to be intentional. How else do you explain the ease with which I edited this image? The idea that the authors might be unaware of what they're suggesting is mind-boggling. In order to not boggle my mind, I must reject it.

Anonymous said...

Wait, isn't "you're" correct? "You are lost"? Not "Your lost."

The Prettiest said...

anonymous, there's (yeah, yeah, are) two "you're"s. The first is, as you note, correct. The second is not.

Anonymous said...

My mistake, didn't notice the other one because it wasn't in bold.

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Neil J Murphy... said...

Another comics blog bites the dust!