Thursday, April 26, 2007

Judge Parker

In JP French, one could say that je suis rather disappointed.

Not completely, though. These punks are about as naked as the funny pages will allow, and they're rather cut. And Cedric's cryptic comment... I feel like we got the end of a porno today and the beginning yesterday. All the fun stuff being cut out, though, doesn't mean we can't fill it in ourselves. Or at least that I can't. And I'll stop blogging now to go do just that....

A couple of cultural notes, though. First, I never met a French guy, when I lived in that country, who wore boxers. They're really a briefs sort of people. Not that I care, since I'm not really an underwear-on-hot-guys sort of person, but accurate cultural representation is important, dammit! Also, "Le plancher est très froid" just sounds like really simplistic French, almost like Wilson just pulled it word-for-word from Babelfish. "C'est très froid, le plancher" sounds more natural. As does, "Ah, mon cul! J'ai très grand mal au cul et je peux pas travailler demain." Hmmmm... or maybe that would cross the line.

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