Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Judge Parker

They're going to have sex in Judge Parker!!!!! This is more obvious than a porno! I can't fully process the gayness about to happen in Judge Parker! IT'S JUST TOO MUCH!!!

Seriously, could panel three be any gayer? I had suspected Cedric for a little while considering his diva-love for that one old rich lady whose name I can't remember, but this JP has to be the gayest strip since the famous Beetle Bailey shower scene. Tomorrow's strip will probably be Cedric getting lubed up, and after a Saturday fingering-capade, we're going to get a full-on Sunday orgy.

Hmmmmm.... maybe I said too much there.

Now I'm sure someone at JP Central decided they needed to compete with RMMD for the title of sexiest comic soap. They have stiff competition with June Morgan's huge breasts always being the focus of at least one panel there. The gay angle is a real way to get ahead.

Now start the orgy... et rapidement!

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