Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thursday's Gil Thorp

HA HA! Assistant Coach Kaz just got told! And he knew he deserved it! I knew I was going to enjoy the rough-looking bassist.

I like the idea that this "stalker" is printing those notes instead of hand-writing them, just as this person left them around instead of mailing them. It just shows that whatever this person wants, it involves complete anonymity. Sex, maybe? Yuk, yuk.

Now here's a thought for Assistant Coach Kaz: since everyone has a laptop, why not find the person who has a printer, since, you know, you need one of those to print things and they're not quite as common on the road as a laptop is. Or if there's a group one, he can stake it out.

Yes, I think I'd enjoy that very much, Assistant Coach Kaz staking out a printer.

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