Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Gil Thorp Inferno!

And I thought I would be able to avoid the siren call of Gil Thorp, but these two, oh, these two.

Like this one from an undisclosed date:

Sure, Kaz and Thorp are just running in skin-tight T-shirts in panel one, but in panel two, Thorp is fucking Kaz's brains out. And right in the street? Some boys have no shame.


Kaz's "sleuthing" leaves a lot to be desired. Sure, he's got the asking questions part down, but now he should ask people who are, you know, not in her band. Like maybe the tech crew. Or friends and fans. And ask them about other people. Did he really think the drummer was going to say, "I'm sending anonymous hate mail about this band to Gail Martin"? Well, maybe he did expect for that to happen, but....

I do like the panel two rendition of what the GT artist believes a "rough-looking" person would look like. Moustache and sunglasses? Apparently.

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James J. Matthews said...

Kaz' new boss looks like Sir Gerald Tarrant, who used to employ secret agent Modesty Blaise.