Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Just one FBOFW

From 7/24:

I don't really know what the joke is here, but here are some ideas I came up with:
  1. April and Eva hate "Rebecca" so much that it makes them throw up.
  2. They really don't want to go on after "Rebecca", so between panels 3 and 4 they got wasted and now need to go to the bathroom.
  3. "Fluid" is actually Canadian slang for "angry", and they're headed off to the women's room to gossip.
  4. Eva and April are into watersports, and April finds being peed on so relaxing that she's asking Eva to do it in public.
  5. The fluidity they're referring to is actually gender fluidity, and they're headed off to the bathroom to get in drag in an attempt to upstage "Rebecca".
Any other ideas?


Steven said...

He's just reminded them that they're both incontinent? Reminded by his comment to check the state of their underwear, they realize they've peed their pants.

GeoX said...

It's not really a joke per se, but I'm PRETTY sure the idea is that they're so incredibly nervous about having to go on after Rebecca (who is super-good? Maybe? I don't know; I don't follow the Foobz very closely), and this has loosened their bowels, as sometimes happens when you're nervous. But the "fluid" thing only works (such as it does) if they have to pee, which isn't really how it works, in my experience. I dunno--maybe the joke is that Lynn Johnston is senile?

Welcome back, by the way. That was an impressive round of catching-up.

Alex Blaze said...

HA HA, geox. That's the joke of every FBOFW now, I suppose. Although I will give it credit as one of the better drawn and written soaps, it just has these really weird issues.

And I'm still catching up. I'll have a round of MAry Worths up soon.