Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mary Worth Inferno!

Ah, Mary Worth. The comic that people always tell me I'm crazy after they find out that I read it. Seriously, I might bring up a Mary Worth-ism in conversation, and the whole room stops talking and it's like: B-WAAAH??? But I can't help myself - Alex needs to read his stories!


It's really lame for a college student to have to lie to her father about where she's going. But then again she's going after another Charterstone resident's ho son, so maybe she needs the cover. Although it is strange that she spends enough time in Charterstone hanging out with Wilbur for him to notice a few horsey dates. Maybe Dawn just needs better friends. Or to be drawn so that she looks under 50.


Those aren't "love lines" coming from the happy couple there, they're "dirty skank" lines. But Drew's a robust young stallion, so it's just Dawn that this reflects poorly on. Especially since she's drawn much worse than he.


OK, what in the world is Dawn wearing? A T-shirt with two Pikachu heads on a plate? Does that make sense?

I suppose that the MW artist thought that s/he had to show that Dawn was young, and Pokemon was the easiest way to do that, instead of, you know, giving her a trendy hairstyle or fewer wrinkles or trendy clothes. Because everyone under 50 loves Pokemon.


Kaitlyn said...

They're kittens.

And I know no one my age (19 on Saturday!) who wears shirts like that. Sure, there are young adult women/teenage girl shirts (mostly t-shirts) that feature kittens, but not in such a blatant crazy old cat lady way.

Not that I can think of any right now.

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