Saturday, July 7, 2007

Wednesday's Six Chix

Does anyone get this Six Chix? Because all I see is one of the most fun auto garages in the country or one of the kookiest ladies in the country, but neither is particularly funny.


Anonymous said...

Har-har, she's got a car-bra on her car! oh, she's a woman... which one does she mean? It's funny!

Yeah, it's still lame :/

swizzard said...

Wikipedia failed to provide any explanation for "bra" in any sense that could logically be connected to "car" in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER.

My guess is there was some sort of event (massive brain malfunction? coffee spill?) that led to this joke being set at an autobody shop instead of the line for security at, for example, the airport.

It's still an abject failure on every measurable level.

Cori said...

When a woman goes to the doctor, sometimes she has to remove her shirt and bra, sometimes just her shirt. The car repair place is like a doctor's office for cars! And the car is wearing a bra! Har har.