Saturday, July 7, 2007

Wednesday's Gil Thorp

I'm reading the word "kids" in panel two, but I'm not seeing any in the accompanying drawing. All I see is an old man with Clambake's arm around him, both staring furtively into the distance.

But what bothers me even more about the way the Clambake plotline is wrapping up is the fact that Coach Thorp has the goods on everyone's personal background information. (How else would he have known Clambake's real age and life history?)

What we knew for a while is now proven: Gil Thorp is Big Brother.

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swizzard said...

I like that GT shows an almost cavalier disregard for almost every single rule of causality and logic, but somewhere, one of the secretairies looked up from her typing and ran a background check on the creepy old black guy who started hanging out with highschoolers randomly.