Monday, May 28, 2007


AK! The Pluggers are possessed! Kangaroo Lady, get a minister who knows how to exorcise demons! Obese Rhino Guy, grab a Bible and start reading Psalms, stat! Elderly Bear Plugger, we need holy water... WE NEED HOLY WATER!

Ummmm... *ahem* Maybe I reacted too soon. I suppose the real joke is: "Pluggers don't have a good vocabulary, but they think up alternative ways of getting by."

But what's really important here is that we're seeing some Plugger infidelity. Oh, you didn't think that I was following the relationship structure of the social elite of Pluggerdom, did you? Yeah, I noticed that these genetic mishaps are all straight for some reason, but I also noticed that Obese Dog Man isn't married to Obese Dog Woman. (And "Sexy" Dog Woman isn't related to either, and neither is Elderly Dog Man for that matter, who, for some reason, is the grandfather of Bear Cub Plugger.) Oh, no, Obese Dog Man is married to Chicken Lady. Check out the proof here and here. And this one, from May 11:

Yeppers, Pluggers aren't always honest lovers, but who can blame them? If my dog ever got that close to a chicken he'd probably eat it.

So in the original comics I'd imagine "whatchamacallit" means "buttplug", "whatnots" means "bullwhips", and "thingamajig" means "dungeon". Then it could be retagged "Pluggers' sex lives are always more exciting than their day jobs."


Katheryn said...

No, no, those are different dogs! Look at the ears! Top panel dog has short, fluffy ears, bottom panel dog has long, droopy ears. Gosh, now you're going to tell me all fat old cartoon Plugger dogs look alike to you!

Alex Blaze said...

Hmmmmm.... that is a theory. But they're both wearing the same plaid shirt, tiny glasses, and jeans.... It really lookds like Brookins took a day off or something because the drawing style is so different between the two panels. The other ones (that I linked to but didn't post) all look like they could be either to me.

Then again, I may just have some deep-set anti-Pluggerism to deal with. I don't think that I should point out in public that I actually can't tell the difference between all the obese, middle-aged, glasses wearing, dog-men in jeans and plaid. I might be excluded from polite society.

Ned said...

So... Pluggers are old and cheap?

Roger M. Wilcox said...

You wrote:

"If my dog ever got that close to a chicken he'd probably eat it."

Maybe this dog did the same thing, and that's why the chicken married him. {rimshot}