Monday, May 28, 2007

Mark Trail

Sam's taking Mark on a tour of projects devoted to killing/moving birds by destroying the local environment, and Mark has to drive. Seriously. Look, Mark, she's devoted to environmental destruction too. Let a woman drive.

As a gay man, I suppose it is incumbent on me to notice fashion (as I sit in front of my computer in basketball shorts and a T-shirt). Here goes: Miss Thing does NOT have it goin' on with that pink V-neck sweater and pink polo shirt combination. It looks like a jelly doughnut up and exploded on her! And Mr. UPS Uniform, double breast pockets are so 1996.

Or not, actually I have no idea. I'm looking over that previous paragraph and I think that I may have found something that I'm too butch to do. Haha, I said "butch". That gets me some femme cred back.

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James J. Matthews said...

If Mark's shirt looks 1996, that's 40 or 50 years ahead of his regular look!