Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Call me... Alejandro Resplandor

In addition to there being almost no queer representation in the comics, Latino representation outside of La Cucaracha leaves a lot to be desired. But two comics today about Latino names just, well, made me wonder who's thinking these things up.

The first was Gil Thorp:

I suppose that a Latino kid could have been named "Elmer". It's possible. I was named "Alex" for reals, even though my mom calls me "Alejo". But "Elmer" seems a little unlikely of a name.... Whatever. I'm just skeptical is all.

But then there's Apartment 3-G:

No, it's spelled "Gabriela". One L. The way it's spelled there it should be pronounced "Gabrieya", and I don't think that's what she intended.

Man, that combover's deep!


Anonymous said...

There's a latino singer whose real name is Elmer. 'Course, he changed it to Chayanne, in order to actually sell his music...

Dan said...

There's a Mexican baseball pitcher in the major leagues named Elmer Dessens: http://www.baseball-reference.com/d/desseel01.shtml.