Monday, May 28, 2007

Gil Thorp

I know that sports teams have all sorts of homoerotic rituals set up for "bonding" since I participated in high school athletics. You know, butt slapping (which I couldn't stand in the context of team sports, but now I'll drive across town for it, go figure), messing around in the shower, and all that stuff. But what's that catcher doing to Mark Jeske in panel one? I could be crude and make a joke about a "catcher" rubbing someone's "cap", but I'm really not that punny. However, I will point out that the WORLD'S ALL ASLANTED! Probably a printing error, but also might be an intentional "interesting perspective".

Strangely named Elmer Vargas doesn't look happy out there some reason (Coach has cancer? He's not the future of the Negro Leagues? He misses Tyler Jay?), but that blond kid in the polo shirt with a black collar seems completely stoned. And that might be as close as a character in GT can get to happy, except for the head rub-down occurring in panel one.

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