Sunday, February 24, 2008

Gasoline Alley

I've barely been able to follow the so-so-tired character comedy self-congratulatory joy-gasm this past week on Gasoline Alley. It's just too much. Yes, that glasses postal worker's boss is too focused on work to express that the GPW is getting his job back in a traditional fashion, but GPW is happy nonetheless. We get it. Let's move on.

But what is interesting is the way plaid got drawn on GPW. It's the same way plaid often gets drawn in the comics (see Dennis the Menace), with the lines flowing from the front to the sleeve as if all the plaid were lining up, which it never does. I know it's the easy way to draw plaid, but does it bother anyone else?

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Anonymous said...

That lifeless G.A. plaid is done with the electronic equivalent of those LetraTone rub-down sheets of yore, which came in a variety of shadings: dots, cross-hatching, even plaid.

Fred Basset's fashionable plaid, on the other hand, was done by the artist.