Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tuesday's Spiderman

Ha ha! The burro falling down the canyon had nothing to do with the plot, and now we're back to our storyline about the Shocker! There's no narrative control here! Welcome to our madhouse! Ha ha!

Peter seems pretty interested in getting the TV on and MJ quiet. It's almost like this trip, which was supposed to be a non-stop sex-a-thon to make up for her very demanding career and his time-consuming heroing, is going to be ruined by Peter's latent homosexuality. MJ responds accordingly, with basically saying, "What if you see that LA is going to be bombed and millions of people will die or something? If that happens, my needs won't be met! Why can't anyone think about me for a change?"

I guess no one can win in my world.


Alkibiades said...

I know this is the obvious joke... but The Shocker?? How does putting "one in the stink" equal a super power?

Cedar said...

Not that I want to be all doing your job for you, but 8/17's Hi and Lois struck me as being subtextually gay. It's the guitar, I think.

Alkibiades said...

It appears The Shocker is also a human vibrator. How can so much sexual innuendo be bundled up in a package so dull?