Sunday, August 12, 2007

Friday's 9 Chickweed Lane

One of the comics I didn't catch up on after my hiatus was 9 Chickweed Lane. While it has the only regularly featured queer character in all of the comics that I follow, I can't get over the fact that it reads like a 16-year-old's Sex and the City fantasy and actually praise it for its inclusiveness along the lines of sexuality.

It's queer inclusive. There, I said it.

But without having caught up on the current plotline, which I just started reading this week with Edda getting some woman (her mother the perfessor?) to try on a revealing dress, I don't know what to make of this. The past few days have been devoted to some grotesque Queer Eye for the Straight Former Clergy Guy. (I concede I don't really know who's whom in 9CL. I can't get much help from McEldowney's own website, so I'm going to assume that every man I don't know is the former priest guy and every woman I don't know is a professor.) It's all climaxed to this, where the gay couple is overjoyed at their creation, a modern Gomez Addams. (Is Gomez Addams supposed to be the ideal of gay male beauty and straight guys just don't get this? Is that the joke?)

Well, the long and short of this is that, taken in isolation, this comic is crazy. Taken in the context of the past week, this comic is even crazier. So I'm guessing that if I read this and fully caught up, I'd find out that these two people are being dressed up to go meet a telepathic unicorn in hopes that it won't execute them for having eaten its last leek. At which point I'd be huddled in the corner asking McEldowney to make it stop, please make it stop.

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Cedar said...

The lady in question is not a perfresser, but a former nun. She and the priest were teachers at whatsherface's and her nerdy boyfriend's HS, and they left the church together in order to. . . well, I'm not exactly sure why they left, as all they ever do it play footsy and act coy with each other. You'd think after leaving literally everything they've ever known for each other, they'd be prepared to make some kind of committment to each other, but that doesn't sem to be the case.