Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Last Wednesday's Mary Worth

Did someone say drink? Perhaps I judged this party too quickly. I know if I were there I'd be sloshed in under 15 minutes and telling everyone the various penis sizes of the guys I've hooked up with. Of course, Mary would probably still try to hook me up with a nice young lady, and I'd be all like, "Whoa, Mary! The only nice young lady I'm hooking up with will have to have a cock! Oh, no, Mary, I think you're awesome, you're sooooooooooo cool, I love you soooooooo much." And then I'd pass out after throwing up in the flowerbeds.

Hmmmm, this is probably why I never get invited to these sorts of parties.

But it does seem like the young Cory is missing out on the fun going on in the background there. that guy doing a cannonball is probably three sheets to the wind as well considering he's doing a cannonball into a pool that's only four feet deep, judging by how high the water is going up his friend's torso. He might have some problems with that since his neck is about as long as his face is tall. I like the motion lines that scream: "Notice the fun going on here!" It seems like the moral of this story will be that the young Cory will learn how fun old people can be.

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VembaTsith said...

in panel one, Mary says:

"let's walk over behind the cover of the rhododendrons, so I can give you a hand-job."

and of course, young Cory declines because he cannot stomach the idea.