Sunday, July 15, 2007

Friday's They'll Do It Every Time

I've worked with mothers of small children, and I've never heard them do this.

It might have been helpful if Scaduto, in his example of Loopina spelling out food names, didn't make her say "BLT", because that's a little confusing.


Olivia said...

I've seen parents do it. More than parents, though, I've seen people who are WAAAAAY too into their dogs do it. You know, the ones that think their dogs are people in little dog bodies? Yeah, they're the ones that really go "I'm going to take him for a w-a-l-k."

Another major downfall in this line of thought is that parents rarely spell everything they're saying.

Nope, I'm done defending this. It's just crazy.

Kaitlyn said...

We couldn't say squirrel around our border collie mix, or she'd go crazy.

Seriously. However, we weren't very old, so it was just S-Q!

And why'd she spell out had?