Sunday, June 3, 2007

Thursday's Curtis

Michelle's awfully sensitive about being told that she's not going to find herself a man.... Like really, really sensitive, so sensitive one might think that's some sort of nerve, some kind of sore spot, something that she's thought about for a long while....

I mean she's a lesbian. I'm saying Michelle from Curtis is a lesbian.


Alkibiades said...

So the crying fit is all sarcastic?

Or is she just faking it because she's trying to hide her true womyn-lovin' feelings and she thinks a huge sobbing freak-out is what a hetero chick would do?

Alex Blaze said...

I'm thinking she's still coming to terms with it, and Curtis triggered all those feelings about not getting married, leading a traditional life, etc.

But I like your first explanation better. Lesbians can be pretty sarcastic.