Sunday, June 3, 2007

Friday's Slylock Fox

QOMICS FOR HETS! Most of what I know about heterosexuality I learned through Seinfeld and I Love Lucy reruns. But I'm further educated by this display of heterosexual courtship on Slylock Fox. First, I learn that a proper hunch is a good way for the top man to make a good first impression. Second, a heterosexual woman preparing for her suitor does best by waiting right in front of her door and staring straight out with gigantic, emotionless eyes. Third, for heterosexuals, a sign of good luck while courting is if all the local fauna come to watch this ritual.


Carmen Sutra said...

I'm not sure the woman is actually standing there. It may be that she's so vain she had her likeness etched into the glass. Or perhaps the hunchback is indeed a top and that's just the likeness of some Babs-like Slylockland diva that the bottom had etched there.

rogermwilcox said...

Oh, she's actually standing there, all right. In fact, her face is pressed against the glass so hard that her cheeks are flattened against it.

Clearly, she was stacked there by her killer weeks ago.