Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Saturday's Ziggy

I'm guessing that one Mr. Tom Wilson doesn't actually know what all of that technology does. The reason that television "insults your intelligence" is because the content is provided for a large audience by people who you have no choice in. These other devices, though, are used to communicate with individual people that you choose to interact with. So either Wilson needs to get new friends who don't insult his intelligence, or he needs to keep up with the 80's better (seriously, he doesn't know that a cell phone is just like a regular phone in terms of the content it provides?).

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rogermwilcox said...

I think the "joke" here was supposed to be "Duuuuuh, these new-fangled contraptions are different that what I'm used to and are therefore too complicated for me to figger out! I hates how inadequate this here sit'chiation makes me feel, as it reminds me that I arn't too smart."