Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Saturday's Pluggers

There's something deeply disconcerting about seeing Rhino Guy here in shorts. It's like we finally see that he has a human body, even though his head is down like a rhino would to do to stampede. This comic has always provided sick and twisted drawings of animals that were never meant to be, almost begging you to put them out of their unnatural pain, but if we ever see a naked plugger and learn just how the rhino head morphs into a human body, I think I may have to take drastic measures (like not reading Pluggers anymore).

HA! NAKED PLUGGERS! Try to unthink that one!


StrangeRover said...

Here's your naked pluggers

"What is the Law?"

Ryan said...

"No Spill Blood"?

rogermwilcox said...

Naked pluggers?


A plugger would be too prude to undress with the lights on.