Saturday, June 16, 2007

Gil Thorp

Oh, Paris, please don't! I was actually really disturbed when Brynna shaved her head, and not just because I had to look at a bald Brynna, but because I was worried that all the kids of Milford would all shave their heads leaving me with no way to tell these boxy-headed athletes apart. All my mnemonic devices depend on hair-styles, and fortunately I've only lost two. I used to be able to tell who Brynna was with Josh's "Brynna Antenna" and Lisa with "Lisa Wyche - Lanky Waif". If it weren't for the whatever it is on Brynna's head in panel two, I'd have no means of telling those two apart.

So I really hope that that line above Helen the Romulan's head is just a poorly-drawn mosquito and not a poorly-drawn light bulb or exclamation point, because then I'll lose all ability to follow this strip.

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