Saturday, June 16, 2007


Panel one starts this Archie off on a promising note, and don't tell me you all weren't thinking "Mr. Lodge is a total perv." Panel two, though, is a let-down, although a teacher telling a group of high school boys to "STROKE! STROKE! STROKE!" has got to be worth something.

Whoever draws Archie obviously knows nothing about boating. What in the world are they on? Considering that Mr. Lodge is turned around like a coxswain, you'd think that it's a competitive rowing boat. But the boat looks nothing like the ones they use for crew, and the kids are holding the oars incorrectly (the way they're holding them I wonder how they can get any sort of pull at all).

That oil slick in front of their boat completes my utter confusion.


Kaitlyn said...

Mr Lodge isn't a teacher - he's Veronica's dad and an insanely wealthy tycoon.

That's the most unreal part of Archie for me at least - she's rich and goes to public school?

I'm sorry, I love Archie comics.

Not so crazy about the daily thing, but I have a good supply of the digests and I've yet to outgrow them.

Alex Blaze said...

Thanks! There are a few comics that I read that I've never really liked and I've just started reading because they seem like a good source of material, and Archie is one of them. I'm always getting the characters wrong (someone pointed out the ice cream dude to me last week, who I assumed was a teacher as well).

One day I'll get it all right, because I'm sure Archie will keep on providing me with material.