Monday, May 21, 2007

Sunday's Curtis

I often have trouble accessing the Sunday comics (does anyone know how to get them on the Houston Chronicle on Sundays?), so I thought I'd include this here in case anyone missed it. Because even though Curtis isn't always that funny, this one's spot on. Yes, there is a lack of diversity in the funny pages. There's at least some Black representation in the comics, which is what I think Curtis is referring to here, unlike the near complete absence of queer representation, but it's still not where it should be.

Just sayin', while these editors wonder why the average person who reads the funny pages is 65, they could consider how many families there are in the comics that are one man, one woman, married, and several children all from that marriage, even though fewer than 25% of American households actually fit that description. And they could also ponder why, of these hundreds of comics printed in the paper, there isn't a one about a gay man, a lesbian, a bi person, or a trans person.

And the "Let's give Edda a trendy gay roommate to listen to her hetero relationship woes" character in 9 Chickweed Lane doesn't count. But the unicorn might.

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