Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Gil Thorp

Branden Zollar seems to know how to keep team meetings short and sweet. The panel one caption implies that the meeting just started, and panel two implies that it immediately dispersed after her two sentences. Talk about succinct!

I don't know, though, why the Lady Mudlarks are all looking at Paris that way in panel two. While she hosted the party Tyler Jay showed up at with his head bleeding, she really hasn't done anything to cause in-fighting on this team. Is she the scapegoat for the softball team's woes? Whatever happened to picking an obvious scapegoat, in this case, finger-pointing Brynna? Why can't I see them be mean to Brynna some more?

I suppose those were simpler times, and in this fast-paced world all we can hope for is that we get some nothing-but-sports-bra action just after our two-sentence team meetings.

Panel three makes it seem like a woman is calling the radiology wing of a hospital, but one could also interpret her comment as asking for radiology through the phone. You know, why go out when you can order in?

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