Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Haha, kids and their technology! It makes them anti-social, don't you know. And sometimes older people can't understand it! Whoo-hoo!

Uhhh, yeah. I realize that the comics love to show how in touch they are with the average 65-year-old by making fun of technology, but the lengths that this Crock went to are, well, quite amazing. First, who's this kid? I've been reading Crock for a while now and I don't remember any Otis. But not only is he in the middle of a north African desert in a sweatshirt, he's also walking to school right through a war zone. While I guess we're supposed to see him as a techno-addict, all he has on are headphones, which have been around since before I was born, making this Crock less than timely. Maggot there is digging a hole for no apparent reason. (A trench? Could it be a trench right next to the path to school?) But what really takes the cake is Grossie's comment, which actually makes me miss sanity. Either Crock creators Rechin and Wilder stopped following new gadgets after the invention of the talkie, or they're complete kooks.

But, I suppose it's OK and all this madness and narrative disruption took place to set up a really funny joke....

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