Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I confess, I have a large dog. Not one that's 5'8" like Marmaduke, but still a large one. So sometimes I get Marmaduke.

But today, ummmmm, no. Maybe people with small dogs give them baths in the tub. But a medium or big dog? That's in the backyard with a hose. I couldn't really even restain my dog to get it into the tub in the first place, and he's not even a psycho-killer like Marm.

Does anyone actually wash their dog in a tub?


Tukla in Iowa said...

I've had some smaller dogs, and we washed them in the tub.

Kaitlyn said...

Yeah, I agree with tukla.

We wash the little twits in the tub when they're hopelessly messy. Sometimes we go for the sink. (They weigh 12 and 8 pounds and are barely a foot tall.)

My 50 pound chow mix, though, she gets an outside washing with a hose, I'd never try to wash her in the bathtub! That's insane.

One of our favorite ways to wash the boys is to get in the shower in a bathing suit and t-shirt, turn the shower on, and just let the water run over them while we scrub.

They hate this.

But if it's raining outside, they must get wet.

Alkibiades said...

Yeah, I would wash my 100# dog in the tub, too, if it were 10 freaking feet long as this one appears to be...

Anonymous said...

Where's the Queer? Bring the Queer!

Anonymous said...

We wash my thirty pound dog in the tub. I only wash her with the hose when I don't want her getting whatever mess she was in on my furniture.