Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Apartment 3-G

You know what the greatest part would be of having your own comic strip? If you really didn't care about developing a solid narrative or telling funny jokes, then you could pretty much rip on anyone you don't like. Mallard Fillmore, for instance, just plain doesn't like entire classes of people (liberals, fat people, journalists) and he makes fun of them all the time. Prickly City doesn't like Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid, so they make one stupid joke about those people and then repeat it for a week, because who cares about being funny when you're Prickly City?

So what are the chances that A3G writer Margaret Shulock just really, really hates Albert Pinkham Ryder? Like she was going to be an art history professor, and in interviewing for her dream job at a certain university, another professor brought up APR, and she knew nothing about him. AND IT COST HER THE JOB! To make matters worse, she couldn't find another job as an art professor and waited tables for years for a slovenly manager who hated art before she landed this sweet deal writing A3G. But to this day she still dreams of being an art professor and has a dart board in her office with APR's face on it. And sometimes she burns him in effigy (she calls those times "evenings").

Well, that's probably not true, but that's the only thing I can think of to explain why APR has become a horror killer ghost. Well, that or A3G just went completely insane.

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