Thursday, May 10, 2007


I think that I might need to stop reading Crock. This is just too much. Here we see Otis again, who got all dressed up for January in Duluth in order to go for a nice stroll during the daytime in the Sahara Desert. And he has a friend who shares his debilitating coldness.

But the real boner is... well... the entire premise. What in the world are those camels doing moving stuff without humans forcing them? And why is Otis's friend sorry for them? And how is that a joke?

Why, why, why do I still read Crock?


Roger M. Wilcox said...

The joke in this Crock comic -- if you can call it that -- is

Roger M. Wilcox said...

The "joke" in this Crock comic is that the kid feels sorry for the camels because the camels are forced to carry those big loads -- and yet they (the kids) are carrying even BIGGER loads in their backpacks.

Never let it be said that Crock isn't the cutting edge of humor....