Monday, April 23, 2007

Qomics for Queers is still holding out hope for Ted Forth

That's going to be how I introduce myself in every room I enter from now on. "NO, I THINK I HAVE THE RIGHT ROOM-HI, MOM... ....PROFESSOR WILKINS!" Or maybe: "NO, I THINK I HAVE THE RIGHT ROOM-HI, TOILET... ... TOILET PAPER ROLL!"

Wednesday's Sally Forth:

Well, it's no secret that I have a little thing for Ted Forth. When it comes to middle-aged men, they don't get much hotter than Ted. He's sensitive to irony yet remains above the fray with his pro-value innocence. And considering how I often feel trapped between market-driven apathy and cynicism parading as reform, value-positivity can look pretty hot. Enter Ted Forth.

Hillary's little comment here provides some hope, even though it's supposed to be a from-the-mouth-of-babes jab at Ted's masculinity, gives me a little hope, hope that we'll see a "Hillary has two daddies" story line a few years from now.

And Tuesday's Dennis the Menace:

I love the expression on Hank's face. It's just saying: "Don't out me in front of the cop, Dennis. Our people don't have a good history with the po-po."

Or maybe that's just my imagination.

Thursday's Mark Trail:

Oh, man, I was right! Not only are they fighting, they're carrying on a conversation while doing so! Not like Dick Tracy, which stops the speech bubbles during a fight scene, Mark Trail doesn't skip a beat.

But Dan raises a good question: HOW did Mark find out so fast? The eyehook under the boat really didn't say much besides, you know, there's an eyehook under a boat, not insurance fraud, although Mark's crazy assumptions turned out to be correct. Yes, a very convenient narrative turn....

Now what sort of "deal" does the EMBARRASSED Dan have in mind? I've read a few Nifty stories that started this way....

And your Family Circus Leslie Feinberg rewrite:

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Kaitlyn said...

"Damnit, I get the only straight cop in Rhode Island." (Dennis the Menace)