Wednesday, February 20, 2008


OMG the horror!

Let's ignore the premise of this strip for now, that Jughead is a mindless drone who'll follow the stench of cooked flesh blindly and that women's bodies are the consumptive equivalent of meat (where have we seen that one before?) and just look at panel two.

Archie, so shocked by the fact that his friend has any heterosexual urges at all, has actually turned the entire world dark around him. It's like Japanese anime, I suppose. Not only that, he's turned his face into something completely horrific, what with the thick and short eyebrows, the Alvin, Simon, Theodoresque teeth, and waffle mark where his hair should be.

How did that happen, indeed, Archie.

In panel three, we find out that Ethel has a deformed leg that fortunately she can still walk on and, while she made a move to attract Jughead that few women would ever make, is completely oblivious to the fact that he's following her.

Maybe she just likes prime rib perfume for the sake of prime rib perfume. Did I ever think of that? Did I?

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