Monday, October 22, 2007

Some things stayed the same...

In my two months of absence, I missed a lot of comics, but I just read them and I'm finding that the French expression, plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose, is actually really, really true.

Check out today's TDIET:

They're still sticking with the "deranged and whiney people complaining about problems that no one really has" take.

Slylock Fox is still digging the you-have-to-stare-at-them- for-half-an-hour-and-have-a-newspaper-with-amazing-resolution- and-color-quality mysteries. (And Farmer Hog even asked Shady Shrew to watch his road-side stand! As if there was nothing to clue him off to the possibility that Shady would steal from him, besides the dude's name. Seriously, if I were the pig, I'd be a whole lot more worried that Shady, y'know, stole the money in the register instead of a few apples.)

Gil Thorp is still a bunch of boxy lookin' kids whose names I'll never remember sitting around gaping abysses getting excited over not really but kinda sports-related themes. (I'm thinking that Cully Vale is new. Am I right? And what happened with all that Gale Martin drama? Was it the bassist?)

Whoever writes DtM still thinks, "Decade-old pop culture reference plus reference to Dennis equals nap time!" (Can't you just unbutton one button, Henry, to show that you're relaxing? I mean, I know that it's supposed to be a Rockwell inspired comic, but I think that late at night, after the kid goes to bed, you're cuddling with your wife on the couch, you'd probably want to unbutton at least one button.)

And Beetle's still stuck in his abusive relationship with Sarge.

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Eric B. said...

RE: Gail Martin -- It was the drummer. He was pissed off about not being able to buy a new van or something. I forget.

RE: Cully Vale -- Yes, he's new. He's the hulking, silent, mysterious new guy on the football team. Recently, some of his teammates used their Google Fu to find out that he moved to Milford from Oregon after accidentally killing a kid there in a backyard wrestling stunt gone horribly wrong. This has caused him to be ostracized by all of Milford, except for this Boyd Henry kid, who sounds like Bad News.