Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thursday's Funky Winkerbean

I know Funky Winkerbean's thing is the be the depressing comic. Like to the point of comedic absurdism. But I still wonder how much Batiuk is in on the joke. Does he sit around and think of the most depressing things ever? Does he have a Jar of Grief in his kitchen where he writes down his most morose thoughts as he reads stories about puppies having to be shot by their owners, young lovers deciding that if they can't be together in life then they'll be together in death, and wizened elderly women dying because their dreams are just too big for their fragile bodies?

Because the "making tapes for all of Summer's important life moments after Lisa realizes she's going to die of cancer" is probably one of the most depressing things ever. It's like Batiuk pulled it out of the Jar of Grief and said, "Yes, yes, I haven't been that depressing since last Tuesday!"

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Anonymous said...

The idea for Lisa taping videos for her daughter to see after she dies was the plot for a movie staring Michael Keaton who has cancer and makes videos for his kid or kids so they would know who their dad was