Friday, August 10, 2007

Thursday's Dennis the Menace

Well, weird.

I was watching television on a Saturday morning recently and I found that Saturday morning cartoons aren't the same as when I grew up. They pretty much don't exist anymore - I saw a lot of other stuff on there, but not many cartoons. So is DtM actually less than two decades behind the times?

That's one level of weirdness.

The other one is the fact that one of those cartoons I grew up watching was "Dennis the Menace" (Dennis, Dennis, Dennis the Menace...). So when Dennis is telling Joey about his dad, who I guess is only a few years older than I, growing up watching Saturday morning cartoons he's actually talking about his dad watching his unborn son on the TV as a child.

Total mind-trip.

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Kaitlyn said...

There are still cartoons on Saturday mornings...

trust me...

they may suck, but they're there.

I know ABC, FOX, and NBC have some. If I looked in the tv guide, I'd find more.

ABC had the best a few years ago - Recess and this other show about school, but it was middle school and the star was a hall monitor. It was cool.

Recess is only on some other disney channel - cartoon disney, maybe? Not anything we have, even with cable.