Monday, August 13, 2007

Poll and Sunday comics

OK, it's far too late to do the Sunday comics now, but since I can't get them to work on the Houston Chronicle's site, I'm going to have to piece the ones I like together on a bunch of other webpages. Is there a way to get them to work on

Also, I put up a poll to your right there. A few people have asked me whom I'm writing to, and usually I say "Comics enthusiasts". But it does make me curious, since I've picked up links from both gay and straight sites, and I've seen indications both ways from the comments. It only takes 5 seconds to do, and please don't do it more than once. Thanks!


GeoX said...

Voted! Though I don't think I understand the distinction between "gay/lesbian" and "generally queer."

Alex Blaze said...

I put up "queer" as a category because, although few people feel this way, some people feel that their sexuality can't be easily described by categories like "gay", "straight", "bisexual". Like a male friend of mine who is mostly attracted to transmen, or a woman who is mostly attracted to men right now but spent a significant part of her life only attracted to women, or a man who's only attracted to other men emotionally but is physically attracted to both sexes.

It's like an "other" option. Most people feel safe in the three big categories, and that's all good too. I just didn't want anyone to feel unwelcomed, so I also put up a nonsexual category, although you don't hear much from them.

GeoX said...

Got it. I used to date a woman like that.

Zane said...

Okay, here is the secret to getting Sunday comics from the Chronicle website. Say that you're there browsing today's Mary Worth (08/15/2007), and want to read last Sunday's (08/12/2007). Just go up in the address bar and edit the date in the address, then hit enter. Voila!
See the examples below: